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Newsletter 2020 September #1

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Boards Should Insist On A Cyber Audit 

Corporate boards are pivotal in improving the levels of company-wide cyber security and are responsible for managing cyber security resilience. read more


The New Generation Of Cyber Security Threats

Cyber criminals are exploiting COVID-19 chaos  and the proportion of attacks targeting home workers has jumped from 12% to more than 60%. read more


Will It Be The US That Breaks Up The Internet?

The US wants a "clean" Internet by removing Chinese technology companies and some analysts believe this could break-up the worldwide web. read more


Uber’s Ex-CSO Accused Of A Cover Up

Criminal charges are being brought against Uber's previous CSO, who was fired over his handling of a massive breach of customer data in 2016. read more


NZX Stock Market Knocked Offline

The New Zealand stock exchange has ground to a halt several times in response to a  bot-driven DDoS attack, suspected to originate from abroad. read more


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube Have All Become Search Engines

A Data Void: Social media platforms are under pressure to regulate the 'misinformation' hosted by their sites during the Coronavirus pandemic. read more


Cyber Security Startup Funding Surges In Britain

Funding for British cyber security start-ups has increased tenfold since the beginning of lockdown and the long term investment prospects are good. read more


US - China Conflict Over Social Media

There is increasing tension between the US and China as the US government focuses its criticism on the Chinese telecoms and online services industry. read more


Financial Fraud Using Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Using a primitive form of Deepfake fraud, victims are lured into false investments with fake news articles promoting financial advice from celebrities. read more


Ransomware Criminals Arrested In Ukraine

Ukrainian Police have arrested members of a cyber crime gang that has allegedly earned more than $42 million from online ransom attacks. read more


Ransomware Victim Travelex Folds

The ransomware victim Travelex, a leading foreign currency exchange service, has been forced into administration with the loss of 1,300 jobs. read more

The Canadian Government Comes Under Attack

Hackers used thousands of stolen usernames and passwords to fraudulently access government services in three separate and large-scale breaches. read more


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