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Newsletter 2020 September #2

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Has China Become The Greatest Cyber Power?

The aggressive use of cyber operations and IP theft to achieve its political and national aims has set China apart from almost every other nation. read  more


The Risks & Benefits Of Cloud Security

Cloud computing involves relying on a service provider to store and process your vital data, which requires trust and a willingness to give up control. read more


The US Steps Up Its Cyberwar Capability

Cyberspace is a warfighting domain and the US military is waking up to the need to defend the country and its allies from foreign  cyber threats. read more


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British SMEs Are Suffering A Surge In Cyber Attacks

Trouble Every Day: Since the beginning of Covid-19 there are 65,000 daily cyber security attacks on British SMEs and around 4,500 of these are successful. read more


Estonia’s Crucial Role In Tackling Growing Cyber Threats

Estonia holds the presidency of the UN Security Council just as Coronavirus exposes the risks of failing to protect critical digital infrastructure. By Esther Naylor  read more


How Belarus Shut Down The Internet

The Belarus government has been using equipment manufactured by a US company to block its citizens' access to thousands of websites. read more


Cyber Security: Take  Action

Cyber Resilience: Keeping a business cyber-secure is not an easy option and requires specialist knowledge and analysis. Perhaps we can help you. read more


NCSC Chief Reflects On Cyber Crime, China, Russia & Technology

Ciaran Martin, the CEO of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, will step down after seven years on the job and has some interesting things to say. read more


New Zealand's NZX  Stock Market Hit Five Times

NZX has been hit by a fifth cyber-attack, its website crashed, but the market has successfully maintained trading by switching to a back-up. read more

Cyber Attacks On Norway’s Parliament

Berlin, Westminster, Strasbourg, Canberra. Now Norway's parliament in Oslo has been hit by a significant cyberattack with MPs' email accounts hacked. read more


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