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Newsletter 2020 September #4

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Massive Increase In DDoS Attacks

Large website hosting providers are hard-driven by the trend to remote working and now they face a wave of large scale Denial of Service attacks. read more


Foreign Influence In The American Election Of 2020 Is Declining

A long-serving CIA official and distinguished expert on cyber security says that there will be less interference in the 2020 election than in 2016. By Ronald Marks  read more


Cyber Security Should Be A Mandatory Requirement

With increasing threats and fewer opportunities to fail, governments must rise to the challenge to protect national security and economic prosperity. read more


Exaggerating Cyber Threats Undermines Policy Making

Ex-NCSC Chief: Predictions of catastrophic consequences for governments & business of a major cyber attack are counter-productive. read more


Latest Cyber Security Threats & Trends: 2020 In Review

What are the key cyber security threats and trends that every business needs to understand in 2020 and in to the future?  
By Eddie Segal  read more


Major German Shopping Site Leaked Customer Data

A German online children’s clothing store was found operating a completely unsecured server, exposing the private data of 700,000 customers. read more


New Iranian Ransomware Groups Detected

Two new Iranian hacking groups using ransomware have recently been identified. One is a highly professional team, the other less so. read more


British Universities Shut Down By Cyber Attacks

Britain's Northumbria University, which offers a prestigious Cyber Security Masters Programme, has been the target of a damaging cyberattack. read more


A Hospital Hack Caused A Patient To Die

Medical staff believe a woman died from the delay in treatment after hackers attacked a German hospital’s computer system with ransomware. read more


The Dark Side Of The Web

Despite its significance to cyber crime and how easy it is to access, most people don’t understand the true extent of the Dark Web, which some estimates say accounts for over 90% of the world wide web. read more


A Chinese Bank Opened Then Closed An Electronic Wallet

A major bank quietly opened up an electronic wallet service for China’s Central Bank digital currency to public users, then closed it. Why? read more

TikTok’s Indian Rival Ready For Testing

India has banned the use of TikTok and 58 Chinese other social media Apps and now YouTube will test a beta version of its new short-form mobile video rival. read more


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