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Newsletter 2021 April #2

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Over 500m Facebook Users' Data Posted On A Hacking Website

The personal information of about half a billion Facebook users, including their phone numbers, have been posted to a website used by hackers. read more


Twenty Cyber Security Startups To Watch

Cyber security startups have raised $1.9B this year to date and are on track to raise a total $7.6B from investors in 2021. Here are some of the eye-catchers. read more


How Has A Year Of Pandemic Changed Cyber Security?

Developments that were thought to be three to five years in the future are here now and those advances are having a direct impact on cyber security. read more


The Satanic Mills Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

America has a huge role to play in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, if it is smart enough and disciplined enough to embrace it. By Ronald Marks read more


Your Employee's Cyber Awareness Is Critical

Organisations need a culture of data security and employees are the caretakers of their own organisation’s most valuable and sensitive data. read more


Cyber Security For Financial Industries: Latest Trends For Fraud Prevention

Financial services companies need to anticipate and prevent fraud by unearthing and fixing loopholes faster than the bad guys. By David Lukić read more


Employees Hired & Fired By Algorithm

Nothing Personal: AI in the workplace can be used to improve productivity, but it is already being used to make life-changing decisions about people. read more


China & India In Cyber Conflict

Neighbours: Cyber operations provide both countries with a potent asymmetric capability to conduct cyber surveillance and espionage. read more


The European Union Adopts A Cyber Security Strategy

An agreed EU framework to defend businesses, organisations and citizens from cyber attacks and to promote secure information systems. read more


Digital Qualifications For The British Workforce

Coming Soon: Over thirty new digital qualifications in computer science, software deployment, systems infrastructure, cyber security & coding practices. read more

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