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Newsletter 2021 April #3

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Half A Billion LinkedIn Members Found For Sale

LinkedIn Sliced Open:  IDs, names and email addresses comprise a massive archive of stolen data, placing 500 million LinkedIn users at risk. read more


Iran Nuclear Plant Hit By Cyber Attack

Iran's newly equipped Uranium nuclear facility at Natanz has been hit by another cyber attack and blames Israel's Mossad spy agency. Israel does not even deny it. read more


The Future Of Blockchain In Cyber Security

Blockchain technologies are the culmination of decades of research into cryptography and have an inherent connection to cyber security. read more


Twenty Cyber Security Startups To Watch

Cybersecurity startups have raised $1.9 billion so far this year and are on track to raise a total $7.6 billion from investors in 2021. Here are the eye-catchers. read more


N. Korean Hacking Group Is Targeting Security Researchers

A convincing fake cyber security company is being used to target skilled security researchers working on critical vulnerability R&D with malware. read more


The US Blacklists Seven Chinese Supercomputer Organisations

The firms blacklisted are involved with building supercomputers used by China’s military for modernisation and weapons of mass destruction. read more


FatFace Pays $2million Ransom To Cyber Criminals

Mugged: Criminals agreed to discount their ransom to save the victim from bankruptcy. Then they offered to give them their advice on better cyber security. read more


How Do The Facebook & LinkedIn Data Leaks Impact Their Users?

Data leaks can hurt both individuals and organizations in a big way. What measures can social media users take to protect themselves? By Peter Baltazar  read more


Cyber Security Mergers And Acquisitions Q1 2021

A summary of cyber security company M&A activity reported during the first quarter of 2021 shows that technology focused investment is a key growth area. read more


Industrial Control System Security Is Overlooked

Not My Job: Conventional IT- led network security often does not view control system devices and processes as their problem. That really is a problem. By Joe Weiss read more


Credentials Phishing Attacks

Attackers are adapting and have some new tactics to serve up credentials phishing pages as way to bypass existing detection measures. read more


Guilty: DeepDotWeb Owner Confesses

A Dark Web portal used for connecting buyers and sellers of illegal products, which paid commission to the criminal owners, has been shut down. read more

UK Cyber Security Council Officially Launched

The Council is a self-regulatory organisation responsible for boosting the professional standards & career prospects for cyber security professionals. read more

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