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Newsletter 2021 April #4

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61% Of Employees Fail A Basic Cyber Security Test

Almost 70% of employees polled in a new survey have had some cyber security training, but over 60% of them failed a basic cyber security test. read more


Cyber Threats & Nuclear Dangers

The threat to nuclear weapons systems, the materials and facilities which are vulnerable to cyber attacks, sabotage and theft, is a serious present danger. read more


Cyber Crime In 2021: How Hackers Are Evolving

Cyber criminals have to constantly develop sophisticated attacks to fit new trends, while upgrading existing attacks to avoid detection. read more


Results: NATO’s 2021 Cyber War Game

Locked Shields 2021: The team from Sweden ranked highest at the largest and most complex international NATO live-fire cyber defence exercise to date. read more


Making 2FA More Secure

Two Factor Authentication: 2FA provides a way of 'double checking' that you really are the person you are claiming to be and powerful new technology applies this concept to facial movements. read more


Cyber Attacks Target SAP Applications

Attackers are better informed about many organisation’s SAP systems than some of their victims' internal teams, who have only a limited time to respond. read more


New Tool To Detect Microsoft 365 Compromises

CISA has released a new tool to help with the detection of potential compromise within Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 environments. read more


Easy-to-Guess Passwords Are Risky

Making It Too Easy For Thieves: Too many people are using easy-to-guess passwords, including their pet's name, football team or a memorable date. read more


Microsoft Buys Into AI Speech Recognition

Microsoft is on an aggressive growth path with Artificial Intelligence and will buy speech recognition company, Nuance, for $20 billion. read more


More Women Cyber Security Professionals Needed

Less than 20% of employees working in the UK technology sector workforce are female, compared to 49% across the economy as a whole. read more

Trump's Family Get Blocked On Facebook

Facebook and the other US social media platforms seem ready to make arbitrary decisions on what may, or may not appear on their users' pages. read more

Darktrace Plans Stock Market Debut

The IPO is expected to raise as much as £3 billion and the the money will be used to speed up development of Darktrace's AI-driven cyber security products. read more   

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