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Newsletter 2021 April #5

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Industry 5.0 Will Transform The Workplace

Connectivity: Just when you were getting a handle on Industry 4.0 the next technological step change has already emerged and is beginning to take shape. read more


Western Nations Face A ‘moment of reckoning’ Over Cyber Security

GCHQ's chief spy is calling for a ‘whole nation approach’ to adapt British cyber security measures in the face of growing technology challenges from abroad. read more


The US Suffers Multiple Attacks By Russian Hackers

Warning: Nation-state threat actors from Russia are actively targeting and exploiting five publicly known vulnerabilities to compromise US networks. read more


Standing On The Cryptocurrency Frontier

Cryptocurrencies have become a speculative bonanza with massive fortunes being made and lost, almost untouched by regulators. By Ronald Marks read more


US Intelligence Agencies Ignore Open Source Data

In Plain Sight: The Biden administration might finally act on the evidence of the repeated failures of US spy agencies caused by ignoring Open Source intelligence. read more


SolarWinds Campaign Even Wider Than First Thought

Discovery of additional command-and-control servers used in the SolarWinds exploit shows that the attack was much broader in scope than previously known. read more


Better Cyber Security For Smart Devices

Secure by Design: The British government is working to ensure consumer "smart" devices are more secure, with security built in from the start. read more


Significant Growth In State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

It is increasingly common for cyber attacks to have a state-sponsored element, with countries going online to wage damaging covert warfare on others. read more


New Effective Network Firewall Security

Today’s firewalls place digital barriers between network resources, so that one breach does not affect all of the critical tools used by an organisation. read more


Two-Factor Authentication Matters More Than Ever

Two-factor authentication makes it easier to secure local or remote desktop gateways to privileged data, rather than the device itself. By Lori Wade read more


US Sanctions Russia In Retaliation For Cyber Attacks

President Biden has imposed new economic sanctions on Russia in response to the SolarWinds breach of numerous US government networks. read more

MI5 Joins Instagram

MI5 is joining Instagram in a bid to increase its transparency and the content posted will include previously undisclosed archive documents. read more


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