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Newsletter 2021 August #1

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Cyber Attacks May Lead To A “shooting war”

President Biden has offered a warning to Russia & China that the persistent damaging ransomware attacks on US institutions could result in a real shooting war. read more


Cyber Security Standards For US Infrastructure

The White House has issued a national security memo instructing CISA & NIST to establish cyber security performance goals for critical infrastructure. read more


Saudi Aramco Faces $50m Ransom Demand

Aramco has lost 1 Terabyte of company data and the hackers are demanding a $50 million ransom in crypto currency to restore the files. read more


Nexperia - A Bigger Threat Than Huawei?

Britain's largest computer chip manufacturer could be acquired by China's Nexperia, creating a "first order strategic issue" say national security experts. read more


No More Ransom Can Save Victims

According to Europol, a service called No More Ransom Repository has assisted in the recovery of valuable information and saved victims €1B over the last five years. read more


TeamViewer Remote Control App Gets A Major Security UpgradeTeam

Viewer's remote control app can be locked with biometric authentication, preventing unauthorised use even when the device is unlocked. read more


New Tools Optimise Use Of Existing Data

Advances in cloud-based analytic tools are providing cost-effective operational improvements to the ageing IT systems which are limiting progress across many sectors. read more


CYRIN's New Cyber Security Training Partnership

CYRIN partners with QA to bring its next-generation cyber range training lab and real-time defensive skills packages to users in the UK. read more


2021 Global Cyber Security Event

(ISC)² the world’s largest association of certified cyber security professionals releases the agenda for its annual Security Congress in October. read more


Twitter Celebrity Hack Suspect Arrested

Hackers took control of public figures' accounts to send a series of tweets asking followers to transfer crypto currency to a specific Bitcoin wallet. read more

Was There A Russian Plot To Get Trump Elected?

An unprecedented leaked document from Moscow suggests that Vladimir Putin directed a secret multi-agency effort to get Donald Trump elected in 2016. read more 


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