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Newsletter 2021 August #2

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$600 Million In Crypto Currencies Stolen

Decentralised Finance: The biggest known crypto currency theft as $273m in Ethereum, $253m in Binace Smart Chain tokens and $85m in other currency is looted from a blockhain exchange. read more


Apple Uses Surveillance To Detect Child Abuse

The next generation of iOS will be set up to automatically scan connected devices to identify if they contain media featuring child sexual abuse. read more


Highlighting The Perceived Security Gap For Cloud Infrastructure

Overconfident: There could be a significant gap between the level of cloud security that you think you have and the level of protection that you actually have. read more


Japan’s New Cyber Security Strategy

Japan's new three year national Cyber Security Strategy mentions a country that poses a threat to its national security - that country is China. read more


China’s National Cyber Security Powerhouse Strategy

China aims to reduce its reliance on foreign technology and is building a national cyber security centre to produce 2,500 graduates each year. read more


EU & NATO Agree To Confront The Chinese Cyber Threat

The new alliance will share intelligence on cyber threats and collaborate on network defenses and cooperative security, but not on retaliation. read more


Endpoint Security Is More Important Than Ever

The big increase in home working makes endpoint security critically important to protect remote workers and IT professionals. By Eileen Harrison read more


Alarming Surge In Malicious Apps

Mobile users suffered 200% more malicious apps in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 and its a particularly serious threat for iPhone users. read more


AI Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Factory

Analysts used Artificial Intelligence tools to analyse geospatial satellite data tracking construction traffic to and from a second nuclear site at Natanz in Iran. read more


The Unexpected Consequences Of Looking For Love 

Warning: Be cautious when using dating platforms as evidence reveals criminals have successfully conned over £15 million from unsuspecting lovers. read more


Britain & The USA  Have Been Spying On Their Friends

Before the advent of email, spy agencies had to break codes hidden within telegraphs in order to read them. Today, its all about technology. read more

Hackers Steal UK Firearms Data

A breach at a leading website for buying and selling shotguns & rifles raises concern that legal gun owners could be targeted by criminals. read more


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