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Newsletter 2021 August #4

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Business Leaders Can Make Big Mistakes About Cyber Security

Company directors face a higher level of personal jeopardy for inadequate cyber security and they need to avoid making  dangerous mistakes. read more


Businesses Pay A High Price For Automated Bots

Automated bots operated by cyber criminals are costing businesses an average of 3.6% of their annual revenue and can remain undetected for months. read more


T-Mobile Customers Affected By Massive Breach

T-Mobile has admitted to a sophisticated attack and now the stolen personal data of as many as 54 million US customers could be up for sale. read more


Hackers Give Back Half Of $600m In Stolen Crypto Currencies

Hackers who stole $600 million in crypto currencies from PolyNet have returned half the money. It is still the most costly hack ever known. read more


Detecting & Mitigating Cyber Attacks

Organisations can improve their security by methodically identifying & addressing known identity-related vulnerabilities, like those involving MS Active Directory. read more


Vaccine Passport Scams

Action Fraud: Britain's online crime reporting portal has issued a warning about fake National Health Service emails offering a 'Vaccine Passport". read more


British Military Aim To Reduce Their Attack Surface

Reducing Vulnerabilities: Britain's defence sector presents a large target area for cyber attackers to penetrate and disrupt UK military operations. read more


Cyber Insurance: What to Expect In the Next 5 Years

Sustained market growth, increased regulation, consolidation & standardisation are the key trends to look out for in cyber insurance. By Eliza Sadler  read more


US State Department Under Attack

The US State Department which handles America's  foreign relations has disclosed it has been the victim of a mysterious attack by persons unknown. read more

Seven Ways That Social Media Sabotages Cyber Security

Warning: Having a social media webpage affects your cyber security. Although social media can do a lot for you, it can also take a lot away from you. read more


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