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Newsletter 2021 December #1

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2021/2022 Cyber Security Jobs

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, cyber security might be your ideal choice. Qualified professionals are in high demand and the pay is good. read more


Trojan Malware Installed On Millions Of Android Devices

Users of over nine million Android devices have installed dozens of games downloaded from Huawei that have a trojan malware designed to collect personal data. read more


Ransomware, Iranian Hackers & Pornography

Cyber Crime Trends: Ransomware criminals have taken advantage of widespread remote working to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks. read more


British Spies Must Adapt To Survive

Britain's secret spy agency will have to become “more open to stay secret” and work with technology companies to counter the threats from China and Russia. read more


Britain Is Fighting A Ransomware Epidemic

The NCSC has tackled a record number of cyber incidents over the past year and ransomware attacks originating from Russia are the dominant feature. read more


5G Networks Lack Adequate Cloud Security

5G systems provide greatly accelerated speed & bandwidth, but they can be vulnerable targets for cyber attacks if they are not properly secured. read more


Spyware - Apple Starts Legal Action Against NSO Group

The controversial and secretive NSO Group is accused of using its powerful spyware in a concerted attack on Apple's customers, products & servers. read more


Tesla Drivers Can’t Unlock Their Cars

Network Outage: Technology makes things convenient, but reliance on a server working all the time can be downright dangerous for Tesla drivers. read more


Russia Wants Control Over Big Tech

Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Telegram, TikTok and Twitter are facing numerous restrictions, which might ultimately lead to closure of their operations. read more


Cyber Effects On The Legal Profession

Cyber crime is a global threat to all technology-dependent organisations and it is clear the threat to the legal profession has grown significantly. read more


Worldwide Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats, risks & challenges share many common factors in exploiting vulnerabilities, but vary significantly from one country to another. read more

Non-Profit Organisations & Cyber Security

Non-profit organisations tend to be targeted by cyber criminals due to their lack of smart, sophisticated cyber security technology. By John Giordani read more

Artificial Intelligence As Powerful As A Nuclear Weapon

The lack of regulations and difficulty in setting rules for development of Artificial Intelligence risks making AI more dangerous than nuclear weapons. read more

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