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Newsletter 2021 February #1

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Ransomware Is A CISO's Worst Nightmare

A survey of CISOs and CSOs finds that, right now, they think ransomware is the number one external cyber security threat that their organisations face. read more


Google Threatens To Leave Australia

Confrontation: Australia is introducing legislation to require Google, Facebook and other social media companies pay for their local news content. They are not happy. read more


Bezos Resigns As Amazon CEO

The founder of the technology giant which has had such a profound effect on everyday life will step down to spend more time with his space ship. read more


5G Could Be A Cyber Security Revolution

Organisations implementing new security measures using 5G architecture are in the best position to protect themselves from being targeted. read more


All About Malware

Malware is a blanket term for viruses, worms, trojans and other harmful computer programs that hackers use gain access to sensitive information. read more


Enemy Action - The Distinctive Features Of Cyber Warfare

Operating behind false IP addresses, foreign servers and aliases, attackers can act with almost complete anonymity and relative impunity. read more


Maritime Cyber Security Needs Shipping Companies To Focus

The maritime shipping industy’s vulnerability has never been greater, as digital transformation provides many more opportunities for hackers. read more


Become a Robot & Live Forever

Humanoid Robot: According to a futurologist, the technology already exists to enable humans to integrate their brain with computers, which might then be encased in a humanoid mechanical form. read more


Cyber Criminals Publish Stolen Files

A British government agency that refused to pay hackers the ransom demanded has found its confidential data dumped on the Dark Web. read more

NSA Appoints A New Cyber Director

The US National Security Agency has a new leader for its Cybersecurity Directorate, someone  most recently their top representative in Britain. read more

Delivery Company Leaked 400m Files

Bykea, a logistics firm operating in Pakistan, has exposed 400 million files via an unsecured server, affecting 200GB of critical user data. read more


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