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Newsletter 2021 February #2

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Russian Government Warns Business Of US Cyber Attack

The Russian government has issued a cyber security warning to organisations at risk of US reprisals for the devastating SolarWinds attacks. read more


Losses From Cyber Crime Exceed $1Trillion

Cyber criminals are shifting focus from individuals and small businesses to major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure. read more


Use The Military To Attack Hackers

The former chief of CISA fired by Donald Trumps says the US military should hit back at the cyber criminals that hacked government agencies and organisations. read more


Cloud Migration Challenges For Healthcare Organisations

The Coronavirus has forced healthcare organisations to speed up cloud migration, which may actually leave them at a higher level of risk. read more


Bug Bounty & Crowd-Sourced Cyber Security

As the importance of cyber security to the economic survival of companies grows, many more CISOs are turning to ethical hackers for help. read more


More Critical Problems With SolarWinds

SolarWinds have learned of three more critical vulnerabilities with their software which could allow an attacker to steal their customers' vital data. read more


Pro-Active Cyber Protection

Antivirus tools are becoming ineffective against advanced attacks. Moving target endpoint defense technology from Morphisec is a powerful solution. read more


Everything You Need To Know About Hashing Algorithms

Hashing is a new method that aims to protect personal data and is widely used in cryptography and blockchain. How does it work? read more


Data Privacy & You

Trust: Consumers say they are willing to trade their personal data for personalisation, but they also have growing concerns about data privacy. read more


Cybersecurity Training: Upskilling Employees Is A Must

Organizations need to be constantly vigilant in raising awareness and training their employees in advanced ways to protect their data. By Myrah Abrar read more


Myanmar’s New Military Rulers Block Facebook

For many of the population, social media is their only access to the Internet and Facebook has become a rallying point against the military coup. read more

Amazon Phishing Emails

Beware: An email from Amazon 'Fraud Prevention Support' is most likely the complete opposite of what it appears to be. read more

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