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Newsletter 2021 February #3

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5G Will Disrupt Cyber Security

The transition to 5G will enable the connection of billions of new devices and means a physical overhaul of essential communications infrastructure that will have a decades-long impact. The stakes could not be higher. read more


A Successful Solar Winds Investigation

The Solar Winds hack was a systemic failure by the US security establishment and a high profile blame game is not what is required. Now is the time for a quiet, forensic investigation. By Ronald Marks  read more


Hiring Good Cyber Security Professionals Is Hard Work

Concerns over inadequately qualified cyber security job applicants persist, even as demand to fill increasingly well-paid jobs remains strong. read more


Get Your Cyber Security Plan In Place Now

A cyber threat intelligence plan is more important  than ever and now is the time for all organisations to sort out their cyber security strategy. read more


Cyber Security In Higher Education

In both culture and technology, universities are among the most open and outward facing sectors. Unfortunately, this makes things easy for more


How To Create Effective Cyber Security Training For Employees

Prevention Is The Best Solution: Cybersecurity training is the best tool for effective prevention and protection from cyber attacks. By Kristin Savage read more


3D Secure Authentication: What Is it, And Why Do I Need It?

3D Secure Authentication uses layers of consumer and merchant information to provide additional security for online purchases. By George J Newton read more


Spotless Data

Manufacturers need accurate, reliable and clean data to run their processes and the problem is that the quality of data declines over time. What is data hygiene and how is it achieved?  By Neil Ballinger read more


Instagram, TikTok & Twitter Shutdown Stolen Accounts

The big social media companies work together to frustrate the theft and re-sale of high-value userames on the OGUsers cyber crime market. read more

British Parliament Wakes Up To  Huawei

British MPs are warning  the government to be proactive with legislation on emerging technologies and to learn from its flip-flop over Huawei's 5G system. read more

Myanmar’s Cyber Security Bill

Myanmar’s military coup leaders have produced a draconian cyber security bill that gives the government sweeping powers over the Internet. read more

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