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Newsletter 2021 February #4

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Tracking Slavery On The Dark Web

Human trafficking is law enforcement's biggest challenge. This vile trade includes children and goes on hidden from sight on the Dark Web. Better tracking & investigation tools are needed to stamp it out. read more


Friends Reunited As Facebook  & Australia Make Up

Facebook will unblock news pages in Australia following a confrontation with the Government in which both seem to have made concessions. read more


Hackers Fail To Contaminate Florida Water

Cyber criminals infiltrated a treatment plant through widely used TeamViewer remote software and boosted Sodium Hydroxide to dangerous levels. read more


Britain’s £9bn Cyber Security Sector

Despite Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, the fast growing British cyber security industry attracted record investment of almost £9billion in 2020. read more


Cyber Security Insights For Executives

Implementing the best cyber security practice isn’t just about firewalls and encryption, it’s about changing the entire culture of your organisation. read more


CYRIN’s New Cyber Security Skills Foundation CourseSeparate Yourself From the Majority of Cyber Security Pros – With the Master Class –
Taught by world-renowned Cyber Security Expert and Instructor - Kevin Cardwell - CYRIN’s new Cyber Security Skills Foundation course is 40 hours, self-paced and on demand. Practice at your own pace in a virtual environment, perfect for remote learning. It’s available 24/7 and integrated into CYRIN Labs – where you can practice what Kevin teaches. To learn more and schedule a personalized demonstration: Read More


Cyber Security Is Crucial For Maritime Shipping

Cyber attacks targeting ocean transport are growing exponentially and present great risks to the safety of crews, vessels, cargoes and ports. read more

Cyber Security Training Goes Gaming

A scenario-based, gamified learning tool that drives high levels of engagement using some of the most popular elements widely used in video gaming. read more


France Responds To Cyber Attacks

President Macron will elevate the importance of cyber security following attacks on hospitals and intends to launch a Cyber Security Centre in Paris. read more


Every Employee Should Be Considered A Target

To tackle social engineering attacks like spear-phishing, the challenge is to identify and then prevent every possible point of access in to a company’s security system. By Vytautas Kaziukonis read more


A New Generation Of Critical Vulnerabilities

Under The Radar: More than two thirds of vulnerabilities recorded by NIST in 2020 require no user interaction of any kind to exploit. read more

New British Cyber Security Council

Going Professional: The new UK Cyber Security Council is intended to be the official national governing body on training and standards. read more

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