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Newsletter 2021 January #1

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The Cyber Security Top Ten Power List

To update Chairman Mao's belief that political power grows from the barrel of a gun, in the 21st century, it emerges via a computer keyboard. read more


How Nation States Use Their Cyber Power

The US and Chinese governments both use cyber attacks as instruments of policy and as technology improves, a cyber arms race grows imminent. read more


Julian Assange Will Not Face Trial In The US - Yet

Off The Hook: The WikiLeaks founder could have been sentenced to 175 years in a high security US prison if extradition from Britain had gone ahead. read more


Cyber Attacks On US Government - New Evidence

The wide ranging and successful cyber attacks on US government agencies by Russian hackers may have begun long before their discovery. read more


Cyber Expert Warned Solar

Winds In 2017A cyber security expert who worked at SolarWinds warned management three years ago about the risks if the company did not improves its internal security. read more


Detecting Rogue Mobile Devices

Controlling which mobile devices can connect to your network is crucial to ensuring the privacy and integrity of corporate assets and data. read more


AI Is The New Weapon In The Cyber Arms Race

Many experts believe that Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on warfare and will transform how armed conflict is conducted. read more


Six Big Features Of Cyber Security In 2021

The Coronavirus, a big increase in cyber attacks and the impact of increasingly sophisticated hackers were all big in 2020. What's next?  read more


AI Will Soon Replace Cyber Security Staff

Cyber Security jobs will eventually be entirely automated and some professionals think their jobs will be replaced by AI inside the next ten years. read more


Facebook Fingers Vietnamese APT Group

Facebook has taken it upon itself to disrupt the activities of two groups of hackers, one operating from Vietnam and the other from Bangladesh. read more



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