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Newsletter 2021 January #2

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Healthcare Is The Prize Target For Cyber Criminals

As the healthcare sector struggles to offer life-saving services with new technologies, criminal hackers are aiming to exploit their vulnerabilities. read more


Solving Mr. Biden’s Wicked Cyber Problem

President-elect Biden comes in to the White House with one long term issue immediately on fire and in need of urgent action. By Ronald Marks read more


Social Media Platforms Block Donald Trump

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram suspend Donald Trump’s accounts for breaking content regulations by inciting violent demonstrations in Washington. read more


Amazon, Apple & Google Cancel Parler

Parler needs to find a new web hosting service after Amazon found posts encouraging violence and both Apple & Google withdrew the App from their stores. read more


Fallout From The Solar

Winds Breach WidensBritain and six other countries are affected by the SolarWinds hack - some victims have been breached despite never using the corrupt software. read more


British Court Rules Against Intelligence Agencies's Bulk Hacking

British security services can no longer rely on ‘general warrants’ to authorise the large-scale hacking of UK citizens' computers and phones. read more


2021 Cyber Security Technologies

Forget about a single, all encompassing Firewall. Cyber security this year will move towards a much more proactive, interventionist approach. read more


Check Your Organisation’s Security With A Cyber Audit

A security audit is the high-level description of the many ways organizations can assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity. read more


Swatters Hack Smart Devices

Incidents of  a crime known as "swatting", where offenders fool armed police or other emergency services to go to a target's residence are growing. read more


Software Developers Face Mounting Pressure

Driven by remote working, technical innovation and new work patterns, the software industry faces a steep learning curve in 2021. read more


Ticketmaster Fined $10m

Caught: Ticketmaster executives created a hacking campaign against a rival concert ticket sales firm, with the aim to destroy its business. read more

Cyber Security Training Drill

Organisations need to understand their threat profile and can improve their cyber reslience by running regular training exercises. read more


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