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Newsletter 2021 January #3

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Social Media Is Being Used To Turn Truth Upside Down

Despite Donald Trump being canceled on both Twitter and Facebook and the Parler platform being kicked offline, the flood of fake news just keeps on coming. read more


The Most Important Technologies For 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing & IoT: Three of the new technologies that are going mainstream very fast in a post-Coronavirus world.  read more


Evidence Emerging About  Cyber Attacks On US Government

Malicious Code: Kaspersky have found real evidence indicating that Russia was indeed behind the cyber intrusions on the US Treasury and other agencies. read more


Spies In Cyberspace

The United States government is one among many that need to radically improve their national security strategies against cyber espionage. read more


Five Reasons Why Women Should Consider A Career In Cyber Security

As most cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled, women have great potential in the industry and it might be the perfect career choice. By Shaheryar Sadiq  read more


WhatsApp Updates Its 'Privacy' Rules

WhatsApp has added new features to allow people to communicate with businesses and those businesses could be hosted by Facebook. read more


DarkMarket Taken Down

Fake Vaccine, Counterfeit Money & Malware: The world's largest illegal marketplace on the dark web has been taken offline in an international operation between EU and US law enforcement. read more


British Financial Fraud Surges 28%

Identity fraud in financial transactions has surged in the UK, due to poor verification techniques and the prevalence of fake and stolen ID documents. read more


The Coronavirus Is Increasing Investments In AI

One of the unexpected side effects of the Coronavirus is going to significantly speed up investments in both Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. read more


Video Gamers Are In The Target Area

Discovered: A thriving black market including nearly one million compromised gaming accounts related to employee- and customer-facing resources. read more


Maritime Shipping Is A Prime Target In 2021

Shipping companies need to be vigilant as the maritime industry prepares for new international cyber security regulations to come into force. read more

New Zealand Central Bank Cyber Attack

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has suffered a "malicious and illegal breach” of one of its third-party data sharing application systems. read more

British Police Launch CyberAlarm

Businesses across England and Wales will benefit from a free police-led monitoring tool to improve their security and cyber resilience. read more


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