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Newsletter 2021 July #1

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Bad Cyber Security Behavior At Home Risks Being Taken Back To Work

A hybrid working structure creates a fundamental shift in cyber security priorities and the bad habits of remote work could reinfect the workplace. read more


US Companies Aren’t Preparing For Cyber Attacks

Business leaders seem unwilling to act until after the event. They must step up now and realise that cyber security is not optional - it’s essential. read more


Russia Wants A Deal With The US On Cyber Security

President Putin says he could reach an agreement with the US on the rules of behavior in the fields of strategic stability and cyber security. read more


China Is Gaining Technical Supremacy

British spy chiefs warn that leadership in key technologies affecting national security, including Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, is moving East. read more


Mobile Users Are A Cyber Security Weakspot

Remote Working & Mobile Access: IT decision makers believe their organisations are more vulnerable to mobile cyber attacks than ever. read more


How To Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches

Healthcare is the most highly targeted sector for criminals trying to steal data, which calls for stringent security measures. By Narendra Sahoo read more


Global Police Operation Closes Fake Pharma Websites

A global policing operation has led to the closure of over 100,000 websites and online marketplaces selling fake pharmaceuticals worth over $23m. read more


Cyber Police Crack Hacker Group

Ukraine's Cyber Police have exposed a ransomware group responsible for a string of attacks and the extortion and theft of $500 million. read more


2021 - Inside The Dark Web

At Your Own Risk: A short guide on how you can access those hidden sectors of the internet that provide users the anonymity to explore a range of criminal options. read more


Social Media’s Effects On Mental Health

Life Online: While social media has its benefits, it’s important to remember that it can never be a replacement for real-world human connection. read more


Diversity In Cyber Security

Improving diversity should help cyber security teams deploy a wider range of thought and use stronger concepts to defend against attacks. read more


(ISC)² Offers Free Ransomware Training

(ISC)2 is offering a free public ransomware training course to help organisations defend their critical assets from increasingly prevalent threats. read more

Maritime Shipping Line Under Attack

The shipping industry continues to be the target of cyber criminals as South Korean carrier HMM becomes the latest to suffer a crippling cyber attack. read more


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