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Newsletter 2021 July #2

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Massive Attack: 200+ US Organisations Hacked

In a replica of SolarWinds, over 200 US organisations have been struck with ransomware via a large scale infection of their IT software supplier. read more


$70m Ransom Demand To Restore Hacked Data

The REvil cyber crime group have significantly raised the bar for the level of ransom demanded in their widespread attack on customers of the Kaseya IT sofware supplier. read more


Ransomware Attack Protection

Ransomware has become one of the biggest threats that organisations have to contend with and the criminals are succeeding in extorting increasingly larger sums from their victims. read more


Swedish Supermarkets Closed Down By US Ransomware Attack

Overspill:  A supermarket chain in Sweden is one of a growing number of overseas organisations affected by the attack on US IT software supplier Kaseya. read more


EU Sets Up An Emergency Team To Handle Large Scale Attacks

The European Union has announced that it will build a rapid response Joint Cyber Unit based in Brussels to combat large scale cyber attacks. read more


Cyber Security In Fintech: Top 5 Tips

Fintech companies really can not afford to ignore cyber security and must work much harder build their resilience at a time when extraordinary attacks seem to be happening every day. By Ryan Jason  read more


Artificial Intelligence Can Reduce Cyber Attacks

AI is an effective solution to protect organisations from cyber attacks, but it can also be used by skilled hackers to launch their own complex, automated attacks. read more


Data Dominance: EU Investigates Google

The European Union investigation will examine Google's role in collecting data, selling advertising space and acting as an online-advertising intermediary. read more


Technical Debt Is A Serious Threat To Innovation

Technical debt is a technical design or development choice made for short-term benefit, which can have long-term consequences for cyber security. read more


What Is The Best Defense Against Phishing?

Identity Theft: Although virtually everyone knows about phishing and how it works, many people still fall victim, but you can protect yourself. By Ben Hartwig  read more


How To Write Learning Objectives For Cyber Security Training

It is vital to implement clear learning objectives for the delivery of cyber security training and implementation. Here's how. By Jessica Fender read more

Pentagon CISO Accused Of Leaking Classified Intel

The top Pentagon official, who was overseeing its new cyber security initiative, has been placed on indefinite leave while being investigated. read more


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