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Newsletter 2021 July #3

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Cyber Insurance Is Making The Ransomware Crisis Worse

Some ransomware gangs specifically target victims with cyber security insurance because they think its the best way to guarantee they get paid. read more


Biden Warns Putin The US Will React To Attacks

Following a wave of damaging ransomware incidents President Biden has told Vladimir Putin the US will take "any necessary action" to stop further Russian attacks. read more


Russian Military Hackers Accused Of Global Campaign

Surprise: The NSA, CISA, FBI & NCSC all agree that Russia's GRU military intelligence agency is behind a damaging worldwide hacking campaign. read more


Over 40% Of UK Organisations Reported To ICO Since GDPR

A survey suggests poor levels of cyber resilience, with British IT leaders having difficulty in locating & securing data and understanding their GDPR data obligations. read more


EU Says That  Brexit Britain's  Data Protection Rules Are ‘Adequate’

The European Union agrees that British data protection standards are “adequate” until 2025, but the UK is working on its own data transfer regime to replace GDPR. read more


Minimising The Impact Of Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the fastest and more profitable forms of cyber attack and organisations should take measures to minimise the impact. read more


Britain’s National Cyber Security Strategy

The tumultuous events of the Coronavirus and Brexit have reinforced the importance of cyber security to the UK’s economic wellbeing & national defence. read more


The Qualities That Make A Successful Cyber Team

Skilled cyber security professionals are key for the safety of companies & governments. The US military is aiming to identify their core competencies. read more


The Post-Covid Cyber Security Challenge

The post-pandemic recovery presents the opportunity for organisations to rebuild  a 'new normal' with much better resilience as the goal. read more


British Police Double Down On Cyber

AlarmA free police-led monitoring tool helps business users understand malicious online activity and improve their security and cyber resilience. read more


India’s New National Cyber Security Strategy

The new strategy is a guideline for governance, national data resources, building indigenous capabilities and cyber audit standards. read more

The Five Most Common Security Mistakes At Work

Remote working has its benefits but working from home is very risky. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. By Elizabeth Hines  read more


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