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Newsletter 2021 July #4

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Artificial Intelligence Is Being Badly Used In Cyber Security

With many more enterprises using AI technology, it’s time to analyse the possible negative impacts of AI's implementation in cyber security. read more


For Sale - Dark Web Exploits

Older exploits are cheaper and remain useful to cyber criminals for a long time. Its just as important to update and patch for these as it is for for Zero-Days. read more


SMEs Need To Close The Cyber Security Training Gap

Companies are struggling to get employees to take effective security measures for remote working and cannot hire skilled people to put those measures in place. read more


Ransomware Gang REvil Is Cancelled

The strange disappearance of the public-facing websites affiliated with Russia-linked REvil follows shortly after a string of big ransomware incidents. read more


History, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Bio-Technology

The rate of technological development is happening very fast, blurring physical, digital and biological elements, creating a new techno-reality. read more


Cyber Capabilities & National Power Rankings

Cyber capability underpins military power and can radically affect national decision-making. Right now, the US has superiority over numerous other contenders. read more


Russian National Security Strategy

The new strategy aims to promote Russian digital sovereignty and to counter the threat of both foreign and domestic subversion, using information warfare. read more


Cyber Security Careers for Women

When news of state-sponsored attacks and massive data breaches are a daily event, it seems crazy that for many, cyber security is a closed door. read more


Scientists Say Social Media Is A Risk To Humanity

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate and the collective behavioral effects of new technology on humans can be destructive. read more


Autonomous Ships And Cyber Security

Maritime Autonomy: Unmanned surface ships are becoming more independent and capable of accomplishing sophisticated missions. read more


Using Cyber Security For Data Protection

For optimum data protection, actionable intelligence needs to be followed up with robust cyber security solutions. By Lidia Hovhan read more

Microsoft Buys RiskIQ

RiskIQ offers threat intelligence & cloud-based software used by 30% of the Fortune 500 and more than 6,000 other organisations around the world. read more


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