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Newsletter 2021 July #5

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The Semiconductor Shortage Is Causing Cyber Security Problems

The global shortage of semiconductors increases the risk of the use of counterfeit parts with serious implications for data loss and IP theft. read more


Biden Goes After Chinese & Russian Cyber Attackers

After confronting Russian President Putin on cyber security, President Biden is turning on China for sponsoring cyber criminal activity around the world. read more


Protecting Data Privacy Is Key To The Technology Battle With China

The US wants to establish international  privacy-protection standards to counter the proliferation of powerful new technologies in which China is dominant. read more


Heads Of State On NSO Spyware List

French President Emmanuel Macron leads a list of 14 heads of state targeted for hacking by clients of the Israeli mobile spyware firm NSO Group. read more


British Royal Cyber Security Is Being Significantly Increased

Queen Elizabeth has appointed a CISO to increase the royal family's cyber security as the risk of unauthorised access to their data grows. read more


Ransomware Often Begins With Phishing

Phishing is the delivery mechanism of choice for ransomware and these are critical problems that every organisation must address in order to keep secure. read more


Power Generation Systems Need Blockchain Security

The increasingly complex interaction among different power systems calls for a secure, efficient and robust cyber infrastructure using blockchain. read more


Military Intelligence: British Army Operation Using AI

British armed forces will increasingly use AI to predict adversaries’ behaviour, for reconnaissance and to relay real-time intelligence from the battlefield. read more


The State Of  Cyber Security In Healthcare

2021 Horizon: Cyber criminals persist in their attacks on clinical providers, health plans and their business associates, compromising sensitive patient data. read more


Security Orchestration Can Help Business SOAR

Companies should adopt a unified cyber strategy across architecture, M&A  and regulatory compliance, to reduce their risks. By Colin Tankard read more

Politicians Are Ignorant Of Cyber Security

Britain has very high cyber security skills and its spy agencies have great technical expertise, but its political leaders are not up to speed. read more

IBM Watson In Demand

IBM Watson's 'AI-for-Hire' service is poised to grow 30%, driven by Healthcare and Financial Services customers looking for real time data processing. read more


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