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Newsletter 2021 June #1

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Cyber Security: Its Good To Talk

Transparency: Cyber security is all about the human factor and being open and non-critical about mistakes can help your organisation's people learn how to stay safe online. read more


Preventing Ransomware Attacks

The chances of a ransomware infection can be significantly reduced by using effective security software and by paying sufficient attention to some basic rules. read more


Spies Are Being Made Redundant By Technology

Human spies are becoming redundant and being replaced by AI  technology - very soon the Internet of Things will become the new 007 (£). read more


Denmark Helped NSA Spy On European Union

Denmark's military intelligence gave the US spy agency access to internet data streams and intercepted critical voice, text & data communications between EU leaders. read more


Can Ethical AI Become A Reality?

The ethical, social and legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence systems must be better understood if the many potential negative consequences are to be avoided. read more


Get The Best Cyber Security Audits & Training In 2021

Organisations often invest heavily in cyber security technology, but they don’t spend enough time on training, audit and the vital human factor. read more


Missing Patches Place Security At Risk

Public sector security professionals in the UK admit that one in three breaches result from vulnerabilities that they should have already patched. read more


The Underlying Ethics Of Data Scraping & Mining

Data scraping is an inevitable part of the way the internet works, but those interested in collecting data this way should abide by ethical rules. read more


Ransomware And Its Criminal Use

Ransomware attackers are ferocious. If you haven’t been attacked yet, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Be prepared. Defend, backup and protect. read more


The History Of The Internet And Its Future

In the future, emotional intelligence and ‘human’ skills like constant learning will be just as crucial as the ability to use the latest internet technologies. read more


Managing  A Remote Team To Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Many more organisations are adopting remote working, but how can they manage a remote team while prioritizing cyber security? By Chioma Iwunze read more

Avoiding The Privacy Paradox In The Workplace

Internet users are rightly becoming more  concerned about data tracking and their personal privacy. There are some simple ways to get basic protection. read more

Online Fraud Costs British Investors £63m

Over 12 months 5,039 reports of investment fraud made reference to a social media platform, with over a third  of complaints involving Instagram. read more


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