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Newsletter 2021 June #2

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Future Threats Are Growing Closer

Cyber security experts are becoming more concerned about the near term future when cyber attacks will be driven by Artificial Intelligence. read more


Criminal Messaging App Leads To Widespread Arrests

Operation Trojan Shield: 800 suspected criminals arrested, 8 tons of cocaine and $48m seized, in a Police sting using a fake secure messaging app. read more


Microsoft’s Defensive Playbook

Microsoft is offering a series of incident response ‘playbooks’, giving  advice to business leaders on how to defend against cyber attacks.  read more


Cyber Security Mergers & Acquisitions - May 2021

Cyber security mergers and acquisitions activity continued at a high rate in May with 35 deals involving companies from 12 different countries. read more


The Cyber Revolution’s Effects on International Trade

Digital connectivity is transforming the ways nations trade. It also enables Modern Slavery, Digital Piracy and huge growth in Cyber Crime (£). read more


Fake Finance Apps Focus On Theft

Fake banking, trading and crypto-currency apps are being used by  criminals to steal money and financial information from unsuspecting users. read more


The FBI Can Covertly Access Your Computer

The FBI right now has the authority to access privately owned computers and to delete software without their owners’ knowledge or consent. read more


US Media Group Caught In Latest Ransom Attack

Live streams for radio and TV stations owned by the Cox Media Group have been knocked offline in an undisclosed ransom attack. read more


Russian Hackers Targeting International Aid Groups

Intelligence Gathering: An estimated 3,000 email accounts at more than 150 different organisations have been attacked so far this month. read more


Identifying & Minimizing Security Vulnerabilities For Your Organization

Despite the very best security efforts, small flaws in  cyber security architecture can pose a great threat to business assets and operations. read more


Avoiding The Privacy Paradox In The Workplace

Internet users are rightly becoming more concerned about data tracking and their personal privacy. There are some things you can do to get protection. read more

Huawei Chooses UAE As Cyber Security Hub

Huawei is helping the government establish Smart City & e-Government infrastructure to create a "globally trusted digital oasis” safe from cyber threats. read more  


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