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Newsletter 2021 June #3

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure have a significant economic impact and securing these vital systems is all about controlling digital access. read more


Why Is It So Difficult To Convict Cyber Criminals?

Law enforcement agencies often fail to bring cyber criminals to justice and even when suspects are caught, it is rare for them to be convicted. read more


FBI Recover Ransom Paid To Pipeline Hackers

The FBI  has recovered most of the $4.4 million ransom payment made to Russian hackers after a cyber attack on the largest fuel pipeline in the US. read more


Worldwide Internet Outage Caused By A Configuration Error

The June 8th global internet outage has been traced to a single configuration error at a little known IT infrastructure company named Fastly. read more


Beware Of Credentials Phishing

Login ID: Criminals are impersonating legitimate services by creating  lookalike websites where unsuspecting users disclose their critical account information. read more


Questions Business Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Business leaders need to take a firm grip on the cyber risks their organisations are facing and make sure that they stay up to date with potential threats. read more


Equality Goes Missing In The Digital Industry

Women are less likely than men to have specialist digital skills or work in digital technology and are poorly represented in senior leadership jobs. read more


Closing The Space Between Cybercrime & Cybersecurity

Failing to understand the intersection between the threats posed by cyber security and cyber crime leaves blind spots wide open to exploitation. read more


AI Dominance On The Battlefield

AI is already part of our lives and as the technology matures it will play a key role in future wars, using sensory-intelligent remote weapons. read more


Developing A Sustainable Cyber Security Workforce

Your people's cyber security skills can make a huge difference to the organisation’s resilience in defending against potentially devastating threats. read more


NCSC Focus On Ransomware Attacks

Early Warning: A free NCSC service designed to inform British organisations  of potential ransom attacks at the earliest possible stage. read more

Singapore Is The Cyber Attack Hotspot

Leading cyber security firms agree that Singapore is the regional focus for being both the source and the target of fast-growing threat activity. read more


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