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Newsletter 2021 March #1

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US Cyber Security To Get A Much Needed Upgrade

The US is scrambling to upgrade its cyber defenses after the disastrous SolarWinds hack exposed government & corporate secrets to Russian spies. read more


Microsoft Releases Free Tool For Hunting SolarWinds Malware

Solorigate: Microsoft is open-sourcing the CodeQL queries tool it used to investigate the impact of malware planted in the SolarWinds Orion software updates. read more


Properly Securing Your Cloud System

Security in the cloud is not the same as security in the data center. Different rules and thinking apply and you should never assume your data is safe. read more


New Solutions For Zero-Day Attacks

Emergency Patches: Defending against zero-day attacks is one of the most fundamentally challenging security problems yet to be solved. read more


Australia Makes Google & Facebook Pay

Following an ugly confrontation, Google and Facebook are now required to negotiate with news outlets to pay for their content, or face arbitration. read more


PromotionPerimeter81: Take Your Network Security One Step FurtherA Zero Trust Network as a Service designed to simplify secure network, cloud and application access for the modern and remote workforce. read more

GCHQ Jammed ISIS Drones & Servers

A secret cyber operation which involved disabling drones, jamming mobile phones and targeting computer servers to block online propaganda. read more


Russian Hackers Make A Sustained Attack On France

Leading French companies, government agencies and City authorities have fallen victim to a 'supply chain' attack similar in execution to SolarWinds. read more


Social Media’s Troublesome Influence On Politics

Social media platform architectures are not primarily designed for democratic discourse, yet they are heavily used for political purposes. read more


Three Reasons The Security Industry Is Protecting The Wrong Thing

For too long organisations have been focusing on protecting their network, when they should have been protecting their data. By Paul German read more


Five Steps For Managing EdTech Security Risks

EdTech companies have a special responsibilty to protect their users, who are mostly adolescents & children, from online threats. By Angela Baker read more

North Korea Accused Of Pfizer Vaccine Hack

An attack on pharmaceutical company Pfizer was executed by North Korea in an attempt to steal Covid vaccine data and treatment technology. read more

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