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Newsletter 2021 March #2

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Smart Artificial Intelligence

AI is today strongly enticing, quite opaque, and a potentially dangerous matter sitting right on our doorstep. By Ronald Marks read more


Microsoft Email Software Breached

Hackers have found vulnerabilities in different versions of Microsoft software which allows them to remotely access corporate email inboxes. read more


GCHQ Deploys AI To Stop Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse

The British spy agency is ready to use AI tools in the fight against a wide range of increasingly sophisticated criminal activities. read more


China’s Digital Silk Road

China’s $200billion expansion of digital communications infrastructure is driven by telecoms and has global implications for security. read more


Facebook To Pay $650m For Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Facebook falls foul of a California law which allows consumers to sue companies that fail to get consent before harvesting facial images. read more


Perimeter81: Take Your Network Security One Step FurtherA Zero Trust Network as a Service designed to simplify secure network, cloud and application access for the modern and remote workforce. read more  

Oxford Covid-19 Laboratory Hacked

Espionage targeting vaccine scientists is surging and Oxford University has confirmed reports that its COVID-19 research labs have been hacked. read more


Cyber Security For The Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has the potential to improve healthcare, but if not properly secured, these devices can pose huge risks. read more


Five Great Online Cyber Security Courses For Beginners

To level up your IT skills or simply learn more about the world of cyber security, check out one of these courses to get started. By Arthur Evans read more


Cybersecurity Job Listings Worldwide

There has never been a better time to get into cybersecurity. View current cybersecurity job listings for the USA, UK and many other countries worldwide. read more


Connected Cars & Cyber Security

An increase in malicious attacks arising from the wider adoption of connected vehicles is driving growth in the automotive cyber security market. read more


Using AI & ML With Cyber Security

Organisations from technology companies, across healthcare to social media websites have all started to use AI in order to stop cyber attacks. read more

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