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Newsletter 2021 March #3

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Britain Will Build Up Its Military Cyber Capabilities

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the country needs to advance its cyber capabilities to ensure it can deal effectively with enemy threats. read more


President Biden’s Cyber Dilemma

President Biden is grappling with two major cyber incidents in his first 50 days in office, heavily underlining the challenges the US faces from foreign threat actors. read more


Ethical Hackers Are Getting Rich

Ethical hackers can make $millions when companies choose to pay them for exposing their network vulnerabilities and stress- testing their IT systems. read more


On International Women’s Day Only 10% Of Top Executives Were Female

Cyber security firms do not appoint women to senior executive jobs. Just 10% of board positions and 16% in management are held by women. read more


Creating A Data-Driven Business Culture

There are multiple benefits for enabling a data-driven culture. Organisations can make faster, more accurate decisions using real-time data. read more


CYRIN Presents: Capture The Flag Contest 2021 Europe April 1 | U.S. April 8 
Prizes for the Winner, 2nd Place and 3rd Place
CYRIN’s Capture the Flag challenges let you hone your skills and see how an attacker would exploit configuration weaknesses. All participants start on a level playing field, with the same tools: a fully-loaded Kali Linux box with standard penetration testing tools. Using these tools, your job is to break in to an unknown system on your local network.  Register Here

Multiple Airlines Hit By Supply Chain Attack

A major aviation IT company has been breached in what appears to be a highly sophisticated, coordinated supply chain attack affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers. read more


GDPR Is Failing By Not Being Enforced

Critics of GDPR say it has failed to protect personal data. Furthermore, the regulation is doing active harm to EU media and social institutions. read more


Hacker Forums Hacked

Three major Russian cyber crime forums have been mysteriously disrupted, exposing critical data about their criminal users. Who would do that? read more


Maritime Cyber Security Is Equally Important On Land

With the global shipping industry already under pressure, addressing the risk to landside port infrastructure from cyber attacks has never been more critical. read more


British Business Is Spending More On Cyber Security

British business is aware of the value of maintaining cyber security spending in an increasingly complex threat landscape. But is it enough? read more


European Banking Authority Attacked

The European Banking Authority has had it’s Microsoft Exchange Servers breached by a suspected Chinese state-backed hacking group. read more

British Schools & Universities Suffer Attacks

Schools in Nottinghamshire and Belfast’s Queen’s University had to shut down their IT networks after their systems were hit by cyber attacks. read more

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