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Newsletter 2021 March #4

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Britain's Cyber Forces Will Be Toughened Up

The new National Cyber Force is being assembled with additional resources to ‘detect, disrupt and deter’ adversaries as a key part of a new fully-formed British cyber strategy. read more


2021 Blockchain Trends

Faster transactions, transparency, the absence of intermediaries and the ability to track fraudulent activity, all mean that blockchain will become a dominant technology in many industries. read more


Focused Security Analysis For Your Organisation’s IT Systems

CENSUS helps clients with the cybersecurity journey by providing end-to-end, state-of-the-art assessment of their customers' security posture. read more


A New Data Management Strategy

Data growth is no longer a novelty and business organisations need to start thinking about their data as a genuine resource and not just a liability. read more


British Companies Compromised By Exchange Email Hacking

Hundreds of UK company email servers have been hacked in the Microsoft Exchange breach and many of them are not even aware they are victims. read more


Is Blockchain The Future Of SSL Certificates?

Crypto exchanges must ensure they secure their networks and the primary method is to install an SSL certificate. Blockchain might help with that. read more


Cyber Security For US Weapons Systems Criticised

Audit Report: Of the five branches of the US military, only the Air Force is taking the cyber security of critical weapons systems seriously. read more


Iran And Russia Have A Cyber Agreement

Cyber cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, while essentially defensive in nature, could pose several challenges to US cyber operations. read more


Facebook Pays Rupert Murdoch For News

In A Relationship: Facebook has reached an agreement with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. to pay for journalism from its Australian news outlets. read more


GCHQ’s AI Report Has A Clear Message

GCHQ goes public on its commitment to use AI to expose disinformation and other attacks by foreign states trying to undermine British democracy. read more

Artificial Intelligence: A Quick Overview

There is barely a field of human endeavour that Artificial Intelligence does not have the potential to impact. The only question is the speed of change. read more

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