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Newsletter 2021 May #1

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The Cyber Security Paradigm Is Changing

The traditional approach to cyber security, with an emphasis on hard boundaries, is being undermined by the growing pressure for more operational flexibility and by developments in IT. read more


World Password Day - 6th May

World Password Day exists to spread the awareness that taking care of your passwords is vital to protecting yourself against identity theft. read more


Why Kubernetes Is The Future Of Cloud Computing

Kubernetes is an innovative open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer applications. So what? By Stella Lincoln read more


Britain Plans To Launch Its Own Digital Currency

The Bank of England is testing out the idea of a central bank-issued blockchain digital currency for use alongside cash and bank deposits. read more


Is Ethical Hacking A Business Necessity In 2021?

Businesses want to improve their cyber security with training, stronger systems and software. But how about using ethical hackers? By Chester Avey read more


Privacy: Facebook And Apple Clash

A new feature is being introduced to iPhones and iPads which is causing a serious disagreement between Apple and Facebook over user privacy. read more


Managing Cyber Security As Office Work Resumes

Cyber security and compliance teams must begin the return-to-office planning process so that when employees arrive, everyone is prepared. read more


Risks Of Bias In ‘Emotional AI

’Facial recognition surveillance software used to scan crowds to detect expressions like doubt and anger, as emotions that indicate potential threats, is unsafe. read more


Dark Web Drug Dealers Jailed

Two drug dealers who made $4.8 million from their dark web drugs operation got so many clients that they used an automated “bot” to run the business. read more


Maritime Cyber Security Has Missing Parts

Whether the target is ships, humans or logistics chains, the maritime environment continues to be vastly underappreciated for its cyber security risks. read more


Hackers Threaten To Publish Police Informant Data

Washington DC Police Dept. is "aware of unauthorised access on our server" and has received a ransom demand threatening to name their informants. read more

Darktrace Share Price Jumps

In an exceptional example of a female-led technology company going public, Darktrace has achieved a valuation in excess of £2 billion. read more

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