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Newsletter 2021 May #2

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Running Out Of Cyber Gas

US businesses are simply not prepared to deal with the devastating tactics used by advanced nation state hackers from Russia and their government is failing to adequately protect them. By Ronald Marks read more


Critical Pipeline Network Shut Down By Hackers

An oil & gas pipeline which supplies 45 percent of the US East coast fuel supply has been shut down by hackers following a ransom attack. read more


Key Trends In Cyber Security

Along with the abrupt changes in many people's work environment in 2020, there are several significant trends that companies need to be aware of in 2021. read more


Thousands Of Stolen Identities Added To Dark Web Markets

The number of stolen digital identities available on the criminal Genesis Dark Web market has tripled, with more than 18,000 being added each month. read more


Cyber Security Mergers & Acquisitions In April 2021

Cyber security M&A activity in 2021 is racing ahead and the acquisition of Proofpoint by Thoma Bravo is the largest ever recorded at over $12billion. read more


Securing Smart Devices

Data centers should be safe from outside intrusion, but IoT devices are often at risk of being exploited by those looking for an easier way into networks and systems. read more


Apple Hammered By European Union

Apple stands charged with breaking EU competition rules over the way it runs its App Store, but they are making plenty of money to pay the fine. read more


Covid-19 Has Launched A Pandemic Of Cyber Crime

Despite the increased vulnerability to data breaches during lockdown, only 35% of  UK businesses have deployed proper security monitoring tools. read more


Your Organisation Needs A Cyber Audit

Cyber threats evolve at breakneck speed and it’s important to continually ensure that your cyber security measures are effective and up to date. read more


An Effective Cyber Security Policy: Five Essential Steps

How to compile an effective operational cyber security policy that will make your life much easier in the event of a security breach. By Jessica Fender read more


Cyber Security Shared Skills Group Created

Members will gain from actionable intelligence and tactics to improve their defensive strategies for a more resilient cyber security infrastructure. read more


The Five Most Common Gaps In Business Cyber Security

Embedding cyber security into your company's operations takes everyone in the organisation to understand and accept their responsibility. By Victor Lough read more

Trump Dodges Social Media Ban

Donald Trump has launched a new "communications" website, which says that it will publish content "straight from the desk" of the former US president. read more

Why You Should Never Use A Free Proxy

Beware Of The Honeypot: A lot of malicious activity on the internet comes from public proxies and you should only use trustworthy providers. read more  

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