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Newsletter 2021 May #3

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Ireland's  Health Service Refuses To Pay Ransom

Ireland's Health Service has ruled-out giving in to hackers' ransom demands as its healthcare systems struggle to recover from a significant cyber attack. read more


The US Pipeline Ransom Has Been Paid

Darkside hackers have been paid $5 million to restore operations after a ransom attack paralysed fuel supplies across the US Eastern seaboard. read more


Russian Spy Chief Says Solar

Winds Was An Inside JobThe head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, says that Western intelligence undertook the SolarWinds cyber attack operation. read more


Careers In Cloud Security

Professionals see cloud security as the most important technical skill that those entering a cyber security career should possess. read more


The Next E-Industrial Revolution

Our economic and societal structures have evolved around assumptions that will no longer be valid once technology reaches this milestone. (£)  read more


Responding To Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, severe & sophisticated and organisations which fall victim can experience a paralysis that neutralises making an effective response. read more


Pipeline Hack: Biden Issues An Executive Order

This Order will change the way businesses communicate with government about cybersecurity and will compel IT providers to share information. read more


Automation & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a concept of creative convergence, similar to the evolutionary transition from single celled organisms to become functioning organic networks. read more


British Law To Protect Online Users

Social media firms will have to remove harmful content quickly or potentially face multi-billion-pound fines under new British legislation. read more


Bitcoin Is Bad For The Environment

As the world badly needs to cut carbon emissions, it doesn’t make any sense to devote energy resources to generating electricity to mine a virtual currency. read more


The Role Of Enterprise Architecture In Cyber Defence

Learning the lessons from the unprecedented SolarWinds attack and the role that Enterprise Architecture has to play. By Rupert Colbourne  read more

The European Union's Digital Security Plan

A Single European Data Market: The European Union has a well-developed plan to become the leader in the next wave of digital transformation. read more  

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