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Newsletter 2021 May #4

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Russian Hackers Have Cutting-Edge Techniques

Russia's hackers are technologically sophisticated & highly capable, with well-developed capabilities to target almost any organisation around the  world. read more


Will Governments Ban Ransom Payments?

Britain's ex-NCSC chief is just one expert who is urging governments to ban ransomware payments to prevent criminals profiteering from their attacks. read more


New Zealand's Health Service Is Under Attack

Full Outage: The crippling attack on Ireland's healthcare system has some strong characteristics that suggest it is now being repeated in New Zealand. read more


Apple Stores Customer Data In China

Despite its commitment to user privacy, Apple is obligated to keep its Chines customer data in China, suggesting their user data is readily accessible to the Chinese government on demand. read more


Most Cyber Security Teams Are Understaffed

Survey: While the cyber security workforce has been largely unscathed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the long term problem of the chronic skills shortage persists. read more


Google Plans To Eradicate Cookies

Regulators and rivals are suspicious of Google’s disruptive plan to rewrite the rules of online advertising in the name of protecting user privacy. read more


Dutch Cyber Security Under Threat

With its infrastructure largely run by foreign technology businesses, there is growing concern in the Netherlands over national digital autonomy. read more


Stop Taking Risks Online

Here are seven risky online habits you should stop right now, plus advice on better habits that can help keep you and your family safe online. read more


Maritime Shipping Is An Ideal Target For Ransom

The maritime industry is dependent on just-in-time supply chains, often with outdated technology, making it an attractive target for cyber criminals. read more


Cyber Security For Small Business

Blok: A specialist new cyber security service provider is to focus on cyber criminals who target small businesses and the self-employed. read more


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