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Newsletter 2021 November #1

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The Smart Cities Revolution

Smart solutions can reduce crime, improve healthcare, optimise energy consumption and reduce environmental impacts. So what's the problem? read more


Facebook Failed - Can Meta Help It Recover?

Facebook is rebranding with the creation of a group holding company. But that does not necessarily mean it will change the way it does business. read more


US Bans Selling Spyware

New rules will require US firms to get a license to export certain cyber technologies, including spyware tools used for hacking & surveillance. read more


British Manufacturing Severely Affected By Cyber Attacks

On average, British manufacturers suffered 30 cyber attacks over the past year and 85% of them are expecting that figure to increase next year. read more


Police Arrest 150 Suspects In Dark Web Operation

Europol's Operation DarkHunTOR has made many arrests and recovered millions of Euros in cash and Bitcoin, as well as drugs and guns. read more


CISA, FBI & NSA Issue Ransomware Warning Alert

US federal agencies urge organisations to implement immediate actions outlined in the joint advisory to defend against Conti ransomware. read more


Internet Phone Providers Under Attack

British VoIP providers have been targeted with DDoS attacks in a large scale coordinated campaign by professional criminals focused on extortion. read more


NATO Publishes An Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Foundational Technology Change: NATO allies have prioritised AI as one of their seven key technological areas with respect to defence &  security. read more


Crypto Currency Fraud Costs £Millions

Crypto currency fraud in Britain is up by a third this year, costing gullible investors £146 million, but there are some sensible precautions to take. read more


Iranian Petrol Stations Suffer A Massive Attack

A cyber attack has hit Iran’s online petrol distribution system and although its not clear who the attacker is, there are numerous suspects. read more


New US National Cyber Director

The US’s first National Cyber Director, Chris Inglis, wants to take a tougher, more proactive approach to those who threaten America’s networks. read more

A Short Guide To Ransomware

Ransomware is malware designed to deny access to computer systems or sensitive data until a ransom is paid. Here are some examples. read more

Data Breach At Colorado University

Unpatched: The University of Colorado, Boulder is the latest academic institution to suffer a data breach and its the second time this year. read more

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