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Newsletter 2021 November #3

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How Ethical Hacking Can Improve Your Security Posture

Before deciding which penetration testing strategy is right for your organisation, it helps to understand the different types of hackers. By Esteban Hernández read more


Financial Services Platform Loses Millions Of Customers' Data

US equities & crypto trading platform Robinhood has been struck in a social engineering exploit affecting the critical data of 7 million users. read more


FBI Email Hackers Send Thousands Of Fake Messages

Hackers succeeded in breaking in to the FBI’s email system to send tens of thousands of fake emails from an FBI address warning of an imminent attack. read more


Focus On Hackers-for-Hire

Cyber Mercenaries: Hackers who specialise in phishing and malware to access email and social media accounts, stealing sensitive information to order. read more


Artificial Intelligence & The Technology Effects On Accounting

Automation is having an impact on the professional workforce. More than half of all employees will need major upskilling - especially in Accountancy. read more


Which Countries Lead The Way In Cyber Security Skills?

A survey reveals the top 10 leading nations ranked in terms of the size of their skilled cyber security workforce - the results might surprise you. read more


Microsoft Gets Serious About Dealing With The Skills Shortage

Microsoft plans to halve the United States' cyber security workforce shortage by 2025 by pouring big money and resources into new training programs. read more


Cyber Operations In Wartime

Policymakers and military leaders need to broaden their assumptions about how state and non-state actors will use cyber operations in future conflicts. read more


Practical Cyber Security Tips For Remote Working

Remote working increases the risks of a data breach - every employee must be responsible for protecting corporate information. By Charlie Svensson read more


One Fifth Of British Adults Suffer Online Fraud

PINs and passwords are still causing trouble for UK consumers and 17% of those surveyed have been the victim of online fraud in the last 12 months. read more


UAE Central Bank's New Cyber Security Centre

The Central Bank of the UAE is setting up a Networking & Cyber Security Operations Centre to secure its financial system's critical infrastructure. read more

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