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Newsletter 2021 November #4

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The Cyber Security Industry Will Soon Be Worth Over $300 Billion

Spending on cyber security is increasing fast to keep pace with the rise in cyber crime and malware attacks on governments, business & healthcare. read more


Wind Turbine Maker Shuts Down Computer Systems

One of the world’s largest wind turbine makers has suffered a 'cyber security incident' forcing it to shut down IT systems across multiple locations. read more


Nobelium - Long Term Threat Activity

Microsoft Warning: Russia hackers are trying to gain long-term, systematic access to the US technology supply chain for surveillance and disruption. read more


Hackers Achieve Widespread Penetration Of Defense Contractors

Password Vulnerability: Suspected foreign hackers have breached nine organisations in the US defense, energy, health care, technology & education sectors. read more


123456 Is Not A Password

The exploding use of online apps & services means that users increasingly have to remember many more passwords - and passwords are the weak link. read more


Do People Lie More Often When Using Social Media?

As social media becomes ubiquitous in our daily interactions, does the design of these technologies affect the readiness of people to tell the truth? read more


Cyber Security Startups Cleared For Takeoff

Launch, Grow & Scale: 100-plus British startups are joining the Cyber Runway accelerator programme, to address the UK's numerous cyber security challenges. read more


British Students Invited To Learn About Ethical Hacking

Career Opportunities: Training to becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) can be a smart career move and skilled practitioners are very well paid. read more


IAM Helps With GDPR Compliance

Using Identity and Access Management (IAM) facilitates GDPR compliance and makes sure that most GDPR requirements are adhered to. By Naren Sahoo read more


How Will The US Congress Decide To Regulate Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg has enough problems to fix and now there’s a critical issue at hand for Facebook's CEO, involving the US Congress. By Eliza Sadler read more


Lottery Fraud Costs Victims £1m

Action Fraud are warning British lottery gamers to beware of email fraud asking them to pay an advance fee to release their alleged winnings. read more

Online Campaign To Influence Presidential Elections 

Two Iranian citizens are accused by the US Justice Dept. of hacking information from the US voter database, threatening voters via email and releasing a fictitious video promoting fake news. read more

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