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Newsletter 2021 October #1

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Ransomware Is The Number One Threat

Over one-third of organisations worldwide have experienced a ransomware attack targeting access to systems or data in the previous 12 months. read more


Connected Cars - What  Does Your Car Know About You?

Personal Details: Name, phone number and address are the most common data that car makers collect, but much more data is becoming available. read more


Facebook Weakens Democracy & Harms Children

Accused: A former Facebook product manager tells US lawmakers the tech giant's apps "harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy". read more


US Cyber Security Chiefs Support Mandatory Incident Reporting

The Director of CISA tells US Senators to enforce mandatory cyber incident reporting for federal agencies, contractors and many private firms. read more


Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset. How Are You Protecting Yours?

Backup:  Keeping a copy of data is not sufficient, you need an effective system that can protect and support it, everywhere. By Colin Tankard read more


Securing Hybrid Workplaces From Attack

If organisations are going to use hybrid work models successfully over the long term, then they will need to further invest in their security strategy. read more


Incident Response In The AWS Cloud

All AWS users must have an appreciation of the right security incident response procedures and how to react promptly to security issues. By Gilad David Mayaan read more


Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Suffer Massive Outage

Facebook's social media platform, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram all simultaneously went down for six hours but are now back up and running. read more


International Competitions: Cyber Security Enthusiasts Invited

Two international team competitions have been organised this month to promote interest & awarenes among potential new entrants to the cyber security profession. read more


British Students Warned Of Tax Refund Frauds

In the past year almost one million people reported fraud attempts to HMRC and over 900,000 students with part time jobs could be at risk. read more


Treason: Top Cyber Security Executive Arrested

The CEO of top Russian cyber security company, Group IB, has been arrested on suspicion of state treason, punishable by up to 20 years in jail. read more  

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