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Newsletter 2021 October #2

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The Many Dangers Of WFH

Research reveals that 70% of remote workers have experienced IT problems during the Coronavirus pandemic and that 54% ot them had to wait up to three hours for the issue to be resolved. read more


Leaked Facebook Documents Expose Discriminatory Practices

Celebrities, politicians and other high-profile Facebook users have different rules governing what content they are allowed to post, compared to 'ordinary' users. read more


Massive Twitch Data Breach

Amazon's game-streaming platform Twitch, with 30m daily visitors, has been hacked, losing source code, other confidential company information and user data. read more


Google’s DeepMind Faces Legal Action Over Data Misuse

DeepMind admits that it concentrated on building tools for clinicians, rather than thinking about protecting the privacy and other needs of patients. read more


How To Use Transit Gateways To Monitor Network Traffic

Transit gateways are a way of managing traffic via different Virtual Private Clouds and AWS accounts, making them much easier to use. By Emily Henry read more


Don't Click On Pop-Ups

Dark Patterns: Website designers are using dubious methods intended to collect more information and extract more cash than users intend by exploiting cookies. read more


Britain's Online Crime Wave

A recent survey reveals over 15 million (29%) of Britons feel unsafe online and 21% report they have been a victim of online identity theft. read more


Career Opportunities: Top 10 Cyber Security Jobs & Salaries

Australia's fast growing cyber security industry offers prosperous careers to both graduates & experienced professionals at all levels. read more


Russian Cyber Security Chief Charged

Treason: lya Sachkov, founder and CEO of Group-IB has been charged with divulging state secrets to foreign intelligence agencies. read more


Ever Increasing Attacks On Maritime Ports & Systems

Attacks on the maritime industry’s operations and systems have increased by 900% in the last three years, with reported incidents set to reach record volumes. read more


Using Artificial Intelligence To Fight Cancer

AI can help doctors make correct treatment decisions, reduce unnecessary surgeries and help oncologists improve cancer treatment plans. read more

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