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Newsletter 2021 October #3

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Russia's Criminal Hackers

Ransomware exploits are dominated by Russian-speaking cyber criminals who are shielded & sometimes employed  by their own government. read more


British NCSC Chief Describes Russian Attacks As ‘Devastating'

Russia continues to be the UK’s most acute cyber threat and the source of most ransomware attacks, says National Cyber Security Centre Director, Lindy Cameron. read more


British Police IT Systems Cannot Cope With Cyber Crime

Barely 3% of cyber crimes come to the attention of  Britain's police forces, whose computer & IT systems are often old and obsolete. read more


International Effort To Reduce Ransomware Attacks

The US Government is attempting to organise  a 30-country meeting to try and improve the global response to ransomware attacks. read more


US Proposes Legislation To Control AI

President Biden is being advised by experts to establish a “bill of rights" to guard against powerful new Artificial Intelligence technology. read more


How AI Will Affect The Future Of Work

For many companies, AI is an exceptional opportunity to improve efficiency, increase financial gains and enhance business performance. (free to view for a limited time) read more


No-Code AI Can Speed Up Business

No-code AI can enable businesses to turn data into actionable insights through predictive analytics in minutes rather than weeks. read more


British National Cyber Force Campus

Cyber threats from criminals, terrorists and hostile states will be dealt with by officers selected from MI6, GCHQ and the military at a new purpose-built £5billion centre, under unified command for the first time. read more


Ukraine Police Arrest Botnet Attack Controller

Caught: A suspected botnet operator responsible for controlling an automated network of 100,000 compromised machines to launch DDoS attacks. read more


Indian Cyber Security Firm Linked To Spyware

Amnesty International has found evidence of espionage against one African political activist using spyware widely deployed in many Asian countries. read more


Iranian Hackers Attack Dropbox

Operation Ghostshell: An Iranian hacking group is targeting organisations in aerospace & telecommunications by exploiting Dropbox cloud storage. read more

Average SIEM Deployment Is Over 6 Months

Real Time: Security Information and Event Management Software (SIEM) allows security teams to keep on top of security alerts as they happen. read more

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