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Newsletter 2021 October #4

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Facebook Is 'making hate worse'

Pushing To The Extreme: An ex-employee, data scientist Frances Haugen, has given a damning indictment of Facebook, apparently making a powerful impact on British legislators. read more


British Spies Trust Amazon With Their Secrets

Britain’s most secret data will be protected by a single US technology company, as GCHQ, MI5 & MI6 contract with AWS to host classified material. read more


GCHQ Boss Says Ransomware Attacks Have Doubled In A Year

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly popular with cyber criminal as they are “largely uncontested” and highly profitable. read more


Cyber Security - How Confident (Complacent?) Are You?

How often should organizations review their cyber security strategy? If it has not been done recently, the chances are you’re probably at risk. By Paul German read more


Google Creates Its Cyber Security Action Team

Team Mission: "supporting the security and digital transformation of governments, critical infrastructure, enterprises & small businesses". read more


US Cyber Security ‘Kindergarten’ Compared To China

Pentagon CSO Quits: China is heading towards global dominance in AI due to the relatively slow pace of innovation in the United States. read more


Cambridge University Rejects £400m Over Pegasus Hacking

The university has stopped a £400 million collaboration with the UAE over the Gulf state's use of Pegasus phone hacking spyware. read more


Blockchain Can Secure Autonomous Systems

Blockchain could be applied to ensure that robot teams operating critical infrastucture can perform their tasks, even when some individual robots are hacked. read more


Protecting Your Business Data Using Fake Information

Convincing Decoy: An algorithm can frustrate phishing attacks by generating fake versions of every document that organisations need to protect. read more


Making Sure Your Business Is Cyber Smart

Being cyber smart this Cyber Security Awareness Month is certainly achievable, but it requires an investment of both time and money. read more


Israeli Hospital Attacked With Ransomware

Israel's hospitals have been advised to print out patients’ medical files to ensure operational continuity in case of further attacks. read more

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