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Newsletter 2021 September #1

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US Tech Giants To Spend $Billions On National Cyber Security

Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have promised President Biden to invest billions of dollars to strengthen cyber security and train skilled workers. read more


Urgent Action By Microsoft To Protect Cloud Users

A massive flaw just discovered in the main databases stored in the MS Azure cloud platform means that all users need to change their digital access keys. read more


Taliban Have Control Of US Biometric Technology

HIIDE: The Taliban has got hold of the devices containing iris scans, fingerprints & biographical information used to access verified ID databases. read more


Social Media Tries To Protect Afghan Users

Digital Footprints: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn move fast to secure the accounts of users frightened for their safety under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. read more


Hackers Steal $100m From Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange

Liquid Assets: Around $97m in Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens have been spirited away from a 'warm wallet' operated by a leading exchange. read more


Malware Attacks Target Linux-based Operating Systems

Linux operating systems are being targeted, with nearly 13m detections in 2021 H1, mostly in  outdated systems running unpatched  software. read more


How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware

Get Ready In Advance: A combination of efficient backup software and antivirus solution is your best bet to protect your business against ransomware. read more


China Has A  3-Year Plan For Cyber Security

China is increasing its efforts to protect national cyber security and will strengthen IT infrastructure & resilience with the introduction of new security regulations. read more


Islamic State Propaganda Is Persistent

Jihadist terrorist groups dedicate significant efforts to set up effective online communication campaigns and they are definitely not going away. read more

Does Your Business Require PCI DSS Compliance?

Any online businesses dealing with cardholder data automatically falls in the scope of Payment Card Industry Compliance. By Narendra Sahoo  read more

Big Data & Cloud Computing - Concurrent  Technologies Of The Digital Revolution

The storage & processing of massive quantities of internet data sparked the simultaneous usage of big data and cloud computing. By Ryan Jason  read more

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