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Newsletter 2021 September #2

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The Cyber Security Market Is Booming

The global cyber security market size was valued at $167 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow 11% year on year for at least the next five years. read more


All About The Cloud

The Cloud is in fact a collection of networked computer hardware in remote data centres that work to provide computing in the form of online services. read more


Zero Trust - The New Standard Of Security

Perimeter-based defences, such as firewalls or signature-based antivirus software are no longer sufficient to protect networks. By Charles Griffiths read more


Securing Hybrid Workplaces From Attack

A different approach is needed and organisation should think carefully about how to secure their data in the new hybrid work infrastructure. read more


Russia’s Strategy For Information Warfare

Information Warfare: Its not just about hacking devices, shutting down pipelines and stealing data.  Russian strategy is much more subtle and stealthy. read more


Russian Trolls Target News Websites

A major operation to influence public opinion which saw numerous fake comments posted on news websites and social media in support of Russian interests is confirmed by research. read more


Pakistan’s New Cyber Security Policy

Pakistan has a new cyber security policy and will set up a national cyber security agency to protect  its information systems & critical infrastructure. read more


Apple Delays Scanning iPhones For Child Abuse

Plans for software capable of detecting child abuse images to be built into iPhones and iOS devices  have been suspended over privacy concerns. read more


NSA Warning - Avoid Public Wi-Fi

The US National Security Agency has issued guidance to government organisations with remote workers - avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi at all. read more


FBI & CISA Advice On Ransomware Attacks

Damaging ransomware attacks often occur on holidays and over weekends with companies in the food & agricultural sectors at particularly high risk. read more

An AI Can File A Patent Application

Legal Entity: A court in Australia has ruled that Artificial Intelligence systems can be legally recognised as an inventor in patent applications. read more

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