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Newsletter 2021 September #3

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Mēris Botnet Goes Global

The Mēris botnet is comprised of around 250K malware-infected devices and lies behind a damaging wave of large scale DDoS attacks. read more


Apple's Emergency Patch For NSO Hack

Zero Click: Apple scrambles to fix a security vulnerability that allows hackers to directly infect iPhones and other devices without any user action. read more


Microsoft Will Invest $20Billion In Cyber Security

Microsoft have responded to President Biden's cyber initiative and will spend four times their previous level of investment over the next 5 years. read more


British Organisations Are Unready For Remote Work

Risky Business: Research shows that half of British companies lack basic cyber security skills and employers need to take urgent action. read more


National Cyber Security Failings

Despite previously scoring highly for cyber security, Britain currently ranks as 8th worst across Europe.There are several ways that all organisations can  improve their security By Hayley Kershaw  read more


Secure Network Access For The Modern Distributed Workforce

When a company’s digital assets have to travel long distances over the Internet to be shared between remote workers, you can trust nothing and no one. read more


Ransomware: One Percent Makes A Big Impact

Ransomware-As-A-Service: The FBI has issued an unprecedented warning about the One Percent Group that rents out Cobalt Strike malware. read more


Outdated Strategies In Maritime Cyber Security

New guidelines address the question of what port organisations need to do in terms of resources to effectively manage their cyber security risks. read more


Police Get New Tools To Process Digital Evidence

The explosion of data on computers and other devices causes problems for investigators. A new Cloud based forensic tool can speed things up. read more


Privacy Concerns In CRM: 3 Key Ways To Avoid Security Risks

CRM software contains valuable data on customer behavior and buying patterns, usually considered to be jackpots by hackers. By Myrah Abrar read more


Germany Accuses Russia Of Electoral Interference

German's Foreign Ministry say hackers have tried to steal email passwords from lawmakers in a possible attempt to undermine this month's national elections. read more

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