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Newsletter 2021 September #4

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Cyber Security Resolutions

Take Action: Cyber security is fundamentally focused on protecting your network and devices from actions that can damage your systems and information. (free to view for a limited time) read more


Australia’s Critical Infrastructure Is Under Constant Attack

A cyber attack is being reported in Australia every 7.8 minutes as sophisticated hackers target critical infrastructure and essential services. read more


AUKUS Defence Pact Between US, Britain & Australia

Strategic Shift: Its not just about submarines - shared capabilities will include cyber security, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. read more


US Intelligence Hackers Available For Hire

Three former US intelligence operatives have admitted to breaking US laws by carrying out hacking operations for the United Arab Emirates. read more


EU Proposes Legislation To Secure Connected Devices

The European Commission has put forward a number of policy proposals to introduce mandatory cyber security standards for connected devices. read more


Industrial Companies At Risk As Attacks Double

Unprepared: The industrial sector experienced a 91% jump in attacks and a 54% rise in malware-related attacks in 2020 compared to 2019. read more


The CISO's Job Is Getting More Complex

Evidence suggests that the the role of a CISO has never been more complex, challenging and critical to the resilience of the organisation they work for. read more


Zero Trust Architecture - No Longer A ‘Nice to Have’

A Zero Trust mindset is now an operational necessity and there are some essential key components that organisations must adopt. By Paul German read more


Cyberspace & Outer Space Are New Frontiers For National Security

Countries need to address the emerging intersection between outer space and cyberspace for their security and defence policies. By Eliza Sadler read more


HCL & Dell Unite Against Ransomware

PowerProtect: HCL and Dell combine expertise and service to secure customer data and build resilient IT systems with an automated solution. read more


Everything You Need To Know About Business Password Safety

The majority of data breaches happen because of poor password security and here are some of the the main threats to password safety. By Emily Matthews read more  

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