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Newsletter 2022 April #1

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Protecting Your Business From A Supply Chain Attack

Understanding how criminals operate makes it possible to protect your organization’s supply chain from cyber attacks. By Craig Moores read more


Cyber Security Lessons From The Ukraine War

Network Security Is Vital: The war in Ukraine serves as a clear example of how cyber warfare will play a major role in future conflicts. read more


Zelensky Deepfake Tells Ukrainians To ‘lay down arms’

Don't Be Fooled: The deepfake purports to show President Zelensky declaring that Ukraine has “decided to return Donbas” to Russia. read more


Improving The Security Of Open Source Software

Open Source Software has changed the world of  IT and its popularity is growing fast - one of many reasons why it needs to be properly protected. read more


In Many Cases Active Directory Is The Last Line Of Defence

Organisations of all sizes across every industry are failing to address Active Directory security gaps that leave them vulnerable to cyber attacks. read more


The Metaverse Will Have An Impact On Privacy & Security

As augmented reality platforms develop into the Metaverse, users are going to be presented with entirely new categories of security risk. read more


Germany Warns About Russian Anti-Virus Software

Germany's cyber security authority has issued a warning against using anti-virus software from the Russia-based service supplier Kaspersky. read more


Multimillion-Dollar Business Email Fraud Gang Arrested

Operation Eagle Sweep targeted fraudsters responsible for stealing from five hundred US victims and causing losses totaling $51 million. read more


Overcoming the Obstacles Caused By The Great Resignation

One in ten security professionals are looking to move elsewhere to benefit from better pay and conditions as well as an improved work-life balance. By Fabien Rech read more


The Pentagon Gets $250m Extra To Spend On AI

The Pentagon’s AI and Data Acceleration Initiative is intended to speed up the adoption of ArtificiaI Intelligence across US Combat Commands. read more


Heriot Watt University Knocked Offline For A Week

In the latest serious incident affecting Higher Education, ten systems at Scotland's Heriot-Watt University - including its campus in Dubai - remain ‘unavailable’. read more

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