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Newsletter 2022 April #3

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Pegasus Spyware Used To Target British Prime Minister

Evidence is found of surveillance software being present on devices associated with the British Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street. read more


Anonymous Hackers Aim To Undermine Russia

Anonymous has declared a cyber war on Russia and is busy with a bombardment of cyber attacks in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine. read more


EU & US Agree New Data Rules To Replace Privacy Shield

A new framework for cross-border data transfers provides some welcome clarity for the big US technology firms, including Meta, Microsoft & Google.  read more


Hackers Plan Attacks On Key US Industrial Control Systems

Hackers have new tools to get full system access to a number of Industrial Control System and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition devices. read more


The Ukraine War - By Satellite, Internet & Phone

Technology can serve a vital purpose in this conflict, facilitating the exposure of Russian propaganda & accelerating efforts to defeat their forces. read more


Microsoft Removes Domains Used For Cyber Attacks On Ukraine

Fancy Bear: Microsoft has seized control of seven domains used by Russian threat actors to launch attacks that targeted digital access in Ukraine. read more


Russia’s AI Plans Might Not Survive The Ukraine War

Russian ambitions to become a leader in Artificial Intelligence are being frustrated by Western sanctions and global high-tech isolation. read more


Remote Access Scams Open The Door To Thieves

British users have lost £50m in remote access scams where victims are tricked into handing over control of their computer or smartphone to criminals. read more


What Can The Healthcare Sector Learn From 2021’s Threat Landscape?

A Unique Challenge: At a time when the health sector is at its most vulnerable, it should also be at its most secure. By Ian Porteous read more


Police Shut Down Raid

Forums HackersThe notorious hacking marketplace, RaidForums, has been shut down and its infrastructure has been seized in a major Europol operation. read more


Beware Crypto Donation Requests For Ukraine

Fraud Warning: Cyber criminals have been detected soliciting donations using fake messages to exploit the Ukraine conflict with Russia. read more

Software Industry Mergers and Acquisitions 2022

The software industry has seen M&A activity worth $160 billion in 2022 to date, notably including huge deals for the acquisition of Citrix and Mandiant. read more

Types Of Security Testing Explained 

Security testing encompasses all testing activities to ensure an application is correct and has faultless operation in a test environment. read more

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