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Newsletter 2022 August #1

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Flunking Cyber Education

Cyber Security Layer Cake: Decision makers, middle managers and the IT experts who actually do the job need to communicate much better. By Ronald Marks  read more


Is Your Anti-Virus Doing Its Job?

Anti-Virus Alone Is Not Good Enough: Organisations need to take a broad approach to stop bad code entering their network. By Colin Tankard read miore


Over One Hundred Arrests In Business Email Compromise Swoop

Members of the criminal group included computer experts, who created the phishing domains and carried out a sophisticated email fraud. read more


For Sale: 5.4m Twitter Users’ Data

Devil In The Detail: The information for sale allegedly comprises phone numbers & email addresses, including those of celebrities as well as numerous companies. read more


Mercenary Hacking Group Selling Spyware

Subzero Spyware: Microsoft have discovered a powerful exploit being used to hack law firms, banks and strategic consultancies around the world. read more


Google Chrome Extension Used To Steal Emails

SHARPEXT: A N. Korean threat group is using a malicious browser extension to steal emails from Google Chrome users while they read their webmail. read more


How IAST Improves Application Security & Six Steps to Effective Deployment

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) provides a quick and effective solution to vulnerability detection. Here are the most common applications. read more


A Managed Service Provider Should Be On Your Cyber Security Roadmap

Organisations need resilient cyber security strategies to protect against complex threats and Managed Services could be the answer. By Francis O’Haire read more


How to Prepare Your Security Team For The Future Of Vulnerability Management

Not All Vulnerabilities Are Equal: Security teams should use a risk-based vulnerability prioritization, making use of automated tools & effective controls. By Lisa Xu read more


Publicly Reported Ransomware Incidents Are The Tip Of An Iceberg

ENISA 2022 Threat Landscape Report: Ransomware is one of the most devastating types of cyber attacks, yet is going widely unreported. read more


New British Cyber Advisor Scheme

The NCSC is launching a Cyber Advisory Service to extend a trusted source of cyber security advice to a wider range of organisations. read more

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