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Newsletter 2022 August #2

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Mercenary Cyber Spies For Hire

Professional Services: The threat posed by private firms with cyber capabilities that rival the world’s most skilled spy agencies is not widely known. read more


Update: British NHS Confirms A Damaging Software Attack

The incident is more extensive than first thought and it emerges that some critical patient information might not be available online for weeks. read more


Github Supply Chain Attack

Clear & Intimidating: Somebody has cloned over 35,000 Github repositories and kept them identical to the original source code, except for the addition of malicious code. read more


Building A Threat-Ready Ransomware Response Plan

Prepare, Detect, Recover: Ransomware attacks are proliferating as more organisations rely on digital infrastructure to run their networks. By Kev Eley read more


Unexplained Surge In Robotext Scams

Spam Text Messages: 87 billion fraudulent messages about unpaid bills, bank statements & deliveries, all aimed at extracting personal information. read more


Dealing With Cyber Security Threats Is Hard Work

Cyber Security Is Hard. Technology is continually changing; cyber criminals' techniques are evolving and security is a constant challenge. read more


Cybersecurity Essentials For Cloud Environments

Cloud security works in two parts - the security of the cloud and the security in the cloud. It's the second part that users should focus on. By Hugh Raynor read more


AI Driven Anomaly Detection In The Oil & Gas Industry

Drone In A Box: A drone using data anomaly detection software alongside sophisticated imaging will improve detection of leaks in the downstream network. read more


US Federal Court Court IT Systems Breached

Hackers and other criminals may have gained access to documents across the US Court Electronic Records and Case Management systems. read more


Hot Competition To Build 5G In India

India's massive auction of radio spectrum for 5G telecommunications has become a fierce competition, generating bids in excess of $19 billion. read more

Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan

Sending A Message: Taiwan’s presidential office and other government agencies were attacked just a few hours before US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s arrival. read more   

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