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Newsletter 2022 August #3

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Killnet Turn Their Attention To Lockheed Martin

Notorious Russian hackers have targeted the supply of Lockheed Martin's advanced HIMARS rocket artillery system, supplied to Ukraine for use against Russian invaders. read more


Data Protection Must Be Part Of Every Cyber Security Strategy

CISOs Need A 360-degree View: Your data is your most important asset. If it's compromised by ransomware, you're dead in the water.  By Florian Malecki read more


The Top 3 Current Email Threats

Email is the most vulnerable part of many organisations' infrastructure and can be used for delivering phishing scams, business compromise exploits & ransomware. read more


CISA Names 2021’s Top Malware

New Capabilities & Evading Detection. The top malware types have been around for years and include RATs, banking Trojans, information stealers and ransomware. read more


Cyber Attacks On Port of Los Angeles Have Doubled

40 Million Attacks Each Month: The port of Los Angeles is working with the FBI’s Cyber Resilience Centre to prevent attacks and urgently improve security. read more


Cyber Attack On London Crypto Exchange

2,500 Requests Per Second: Britain's national cyber security agency is investigating a large scale DDoS attack in a suspected revenge attack. read more


Why You Must Report A Cyber Attack

Once you’ve suffered a cyber attack, most of the damage has been done. But ignoring your regulatory obligations will only make things worse. read more


British Parliament Shuts Down Its TikTok Account

Parliament has closed its TikTok account only a few days after MPs raised concerns about the risk of data being passed to the Chinese government. read more


$3 Million Romance Fraudster Arrested

#YourAccountYourCrime: Police make a high profile arrest as Interpol launches a worlwide campaign warning of the dangers of romance scams. read more


Cambridge Is Britain's Most AI-Ready City

The renowned university city scored highest  in an AI-readiness Index, closely followed by Oxford, then Manchester, Salford, Edinburgh and Birmingham. read more


NCSC Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

What are the different cyber attacks that British organisations face, how are these organisations impacted and how do they respond? read more

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